Business Support

Business Support

Our clients will be taken through three stages of Business Support:


  • 1

    Business Preparation

    In this stage, a client’s idea for their business are evaluated and assessment is made of the client’s capacity to undertake the business. In this stage, clients may attend “Into Business Workshops” or other training and capacity building steps. A client development plan is prepared and agreement to move to the next stage is determined.

  • 2

    Business Development

    In this stage, clients work with a business development provider to help test business viability, develop business plans and prepare finance applications and get all the startup work done before launching the business.

  • 3

    Business Commencement

    This stage involves helping new and existing businesses take advantage of opportunities, grow and improve or even solve problems within the business. It may involve ongoing client mentoring and providing specialist support.

We strive to maintain an open and honest relationship with our clients throughout their journey into business.

Owning a business can have many rewards but it also takes good planning and an ongoing commitment commitment to make it successful. With our combined experience and industry partners in the Kimberley we are focused on making it easier for Aboriginal people to fulfil their goals of running their own business.

The value in the Morrgul model is that it allows for trust and respect to developed by the Coordinator who will maintain a good relationship with clients throughout the entire business development process.

This means clients are more likely to seek help from Morrgul before little issues become big problems.

It also ensures all those providing support to the client are ‘on the same page’, creating efficiencies.

Types of Businesses Supported since October 2013

  • Youth Services
  • Security
  • Tourism
  • Arts
  • Transport
  • Laundry
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Freight
  • Horticulture
  • Retail
  • IT services
  • Automative
  • Garden Maintenance