Aboriginal Business Capability Building Service

The Aboriginal Business Capability Building Service (ABCBS) Program is a unique program, funded by the WA Government’s Department of Finance. Its objectives are to help Aboriginal businesses and support them towards success. The ‘support’ comes through helping businesses build capacity in several areas. Morrgul delivers the ABCBS program for the Kimberley and Pilbara Regions

The program supports Aboriginal people ‘in business’. You may just be starting out or have been operating for some time. Support is even available to those who consider their businesses mature or sophisticated.

    Services Provided By Morrgul

    The program is delivered one-on-one by a Morrgul mentor. A tailored action plan is created. This is a personalised plan and never ‘off the shelf’. Each plan recognises the client’s business and then serves up the right solutions to help it move forward.

    Topics Including:

    Business Growth

    What are the keys to establishing your business as well as expanding it

    • Identify, monitor and target growth opportunities for your business
    • Market your business
    • Understand the market in which your business operates

    Winning Tenders

    Learn how to find and apply for Government tenders and become a preferred supplier

    • Effectively respond to quotes and tenders
    • Understand the procurement process
    • Understand the principles of pricing and costing


    How much do you charge when quoting for work? Getting the balance right between being competitive against other suppliers but also ensuring you are making a fair profit.


    Where will you find your customers and how will you communicate and attract them?

    Governance & Compliance

    One of the essentials of successful business is good governance.  We can help you develop good internal systems and processes, measurement tools, stakeholder and customer engagement strategies.

    Getting contracts is a major win but making sure you deliver what the contract requires and managing your obligations are equally important for the long-term growth of your business.

    Aboriginal Procurement Advisory Service

    Are you an aboriginal business owner?

    Want to know more about supplying goods or services to government agencies?


    Morrgul can help your business make the most of the opportunities.

    The Western Australian Government encourages its agencies to buy goods and services from registered Aboriginal businesses where possible, to grow the economy and create jobs for Aboriginal people.

    The Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development works with Morrgul to support the Aboriginal Procurement Advisory Service.  This service helps Aboriginal businesses access procurement opportunities across Regional Western Australia.


    We post tender information a couple of times most weeks on our Facebook page of new opportunities so make sure you follow us at https://www.facebook.com/MorrgulBroome/

    We will also contact you by email if you have provided us with your details and information about the type of contract you are looking to secure.  Just register your details through our Contact Us page with a brief message on the type of contracts you are looking for, and we’ll contact you when opportunities come up.

    Services Provided By Morrgul

    Morrgul can help you find and win new business opportunities within the government and industry. This includes assistance with building capacity in:

    • Marketing and promotion (such as helping you develop a Capability Statement)
    • Support through the procurement processes and helping identify opportunities (direct advice and through weekly posts on our Facebook page)
    • Support in preparing Tender opportunities
    • Registering your business with procurement directories
    • Forming joint venture partnerships

    Make sure you follow our Facebook page where the latest tender opportunities are posted each week.

    We also provide one-on-one support to help you develop your business and your business opportunities.

    We can support you to:

    • Identify, monitor and target growth opportunities for your business
    • Market your business
    • Understand the market in which your business operates

    Alternatively, you can also access our online training course, Module 3 covers a number of lessons that might help you with developing your business.  The course is free, just register to get a password and complete at your own pace. Please contact us for more information.



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